Production hall Promens Zlín

It was the overall coordination of the production area of Promens a.s. The production hall with dimensions of 144.97 mx 106.32 m and a height of the attic of 11.3 m is made as a five-aisle single-storey building, in a part of the hall a two-storey building. As part of the first stage, construction work was carried out on the foundation structures, the perimeter and roof of the building. The interiors were realized only between the axes 10-19a, these are the operations of the paint shop, finishing, grinding, offices and dining rooms. The proposed areas of technical control and measurement are located between the axes Q.1-S and 15-19a in the premises of the existing maintenance workshops and the warehouse of input raw materials.

The company Promens Zlín is engaged in the production of plastic parts of lower and medium series for the automotive industry, agricultural machinery, transport technology, medical technology, lighting technology and the military industry.

CLIENT: Promens a.s.